4 Best Grass Seed For Central Alabama

best-grass-seed-for-central-alabamaAre you in the process of buying grass seed for your Central Alabama home, but not sure which type of grass is best for your area? No worries, we’ve taken the time to research for you. There are 4 kinds of warm-season grasses which are recommended. These grass types thrives in warm, humid climates such as Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. You’re going to need grass that will maintain, stay healthy, and provide your yard with eye-catching curb appeal. This guide will give you an in-depth overview of the 4 types of grass seed recommended for your home. Here’s the breakdown of the 4 best grass seed for Central Alabama. 


  • Grows Best In Sunny Areas
  • Drought & Wear Resistance
  • Penkoted Technology Wear Protection
  • Sprouts in 14 - 21 Days
  • 2Lbs Covers 2,000 sq.ft
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Superior Drought & Disease Resistance
  • Requires Less Mowing
  • Use Up To 30% Less Water
  • Top-10 Quality Performance In 3 Nationwide Trials
  • Rapid Germination
  • Used On Golf Courses Around The World

4 Best Grass Seed For Central Alabama - The Full Review



Bermudagrass is one variety of warm-season grass that actually thrives in Central Alabama since it is tolerable of both warm and cold temperatures. It’s ideal for warmer climates with its most active growth taking place when ground temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This species is drought resistant and will grow to the sun, showing it will survive those long summer months but also establishes a secure texture during the bitter winter months. Bermudagrass will endure long stretches in the summer without water. This grass is available in seeds and sod. It is a fantastic grass for homes with families, so if you have kids or dogs you won’t have to worry about them creating bare spots in your lawn from running and playing.  Bermudagrass is available in seeds and sod, which makes it an affordable option regardless of what you are looking for.


  • Fast Growing
  • Spreads Through Running Roots
  • Drought Tolerant


  • Does Not Tolerate Shade



Zoysiagrass is a warm season grass that needs little maintenance, making it a great selection if you don’t wish to spend all of your spare time cutting or fertilizing your lawn. This species is known for its ability to stand up to the following elements: drought, hot climates, and heavy foot traffic. It creates a very dense carpet of grass under your feet. Zoysia grass seed grows into a beautiful lawn with a fine to medium textured blade.This grass is ideal for households and sod producers that use their yard for entertaining and cookouts.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Dense - Traffic Tolerant
  • Drought Tolerant


  • Doesn't Stay Green Year Round
  • Pretty Pricey

Tall Fescue


Tall fescue is another low maintenance grass perfect for the family on the go. This cool-season grass is versatile as stays green during those chilly Central Alabama winters, while adapting and tolerating warm temperatures. In addition, It has a great tolerance for for those long summer days without any water. Tall fescue has excellent bounce as it can withstand moderate foot traffic with ease. No wonder why this is the most common grass in a lot of areas, including California.


  • Maintains Well In Winter
  • Tough - Handles Foot Traffic
  • Weed Resistant


  • Usually Requires Overseeding
  • May Develop Brown Patches


Bahia Grass is another type of grass that you may want to consider for your Central Alabama home. This long-lived, perennial warm season species thrives in warmer climates such as the Gulf Coast and Los Angeles, but is capable of handling periods of colder temperatures (but not as well as the other 3 grass types above. Bahia Grass greatest features are its ability to withstand long periods of drought and its tolerance to many of the elements known to damage grass; such as insects, fungus, and diseases.


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Insect & Disease Resistant
  • Low Fertility Needs


  • Hard to mow evenly

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Frequently Asked Questions


The best time of the year to plant grass seed in Central Alabama is March.  Homeowners should use Bermuda grass, Tall Fescue, Zoysia grass, or Bahia grass for best results.